L'Herbier déco

18 avenue de la Victoire 97400 Saint-Denis
Opening hours :

Mondays to Fridays from 09:00am to 07:00pm
On Saturdays from 10:00am to 07:00pm

Whether you are passing by or not on this heavenly island located at the heart of the Indian Ocean, you will certainly have a short break with theine, won’t you?

At home, on the beach or even at work, it is tea time: do you prefer the subtle and natural savors of teas of origin or the fruity and floral notes of the Impertinent Parisian’s creations, or even the blends without theine on a base of herbal tea plants?

‘L’herbier déco’ offers you a large selection of the blends by Theodor Parisian tea house, to enjoy hot or cold according to what you like. Let us meet in Saint-Denis on La Réunion Island to discover or rediscover the delicate fragrances for sumptuous tea times.

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